29 02 2008

To the people behind Pinoy Exchange:

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Lost – Season 4 – Episode 4 – Eggtown

27 02 2008

Warning: This post may contain spoilers.

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To remember or not to remember.

27 02 2008

Itong panganay kong kapatid, may trabaho at bumibili ng mga blank cds, pero, makabili ng universal serial bus or usb/USB.

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For more Oscars updates

26 02 2008

For more news, about the recently concluded 80th Academy Awards, click here.

For videos, click here.

80th Academy Awards winners

26 02 2008

Source: 80th Academy Awards here, 80th Academy Awards, 80th Academy Awards here, and 80th Academy Awards there.

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To search, or not to search.

22 02 2008

From Pinoy Exchange:

“You have been banned for the following reason:
Starting new threads without using Search feature. Search for duplicate threads before starting a new one.

Date the ban will be lifted: Feb 25, 2008, 03:00 PM”

BULOK NA YATA yung (mga) server(s) nyo, as in B-U-L-O-K N-A Y-A-T-A. Ayusin nyo naman, for the sake of the/your members including.

Papaano ba naman ako magkakaroon ng ganang gamitin yung Seach fuction na yan, minsan, disabled yung Search function na yan, minsan, gumagana, minsan, once na ginamit ko, kahit na ilang beses kong gamitin, white space lang ang makikita.

Tapos, yang wlang hiyang lintik na, putang inang son of a bitch, na hangal na tangangtina11 na yan, puwede naman na i-merge na yung topic/thread ko na “Books by Paulo Coelho” sa related na Paulo Coelho topics/threads.

Nga pala, dalawa yung dahilan, tapos kulang ng s.

“Blogger now in Filipino”

21 02 2008

From Blogger:

“This is a quick post to announce that, in addition to Blogger’s recent improvements and fixes, we are now available in Filipino.”

There is already a very strong blogging community in the Philippines, and we’re very happy to support that and be a part of it. Want a taste? Start with our friend Aileen and keep clicking!”