Lines from the book, The Third Secret, by Steve Berry.

19 03 2008

Arguing with the Holy Father is a fruitless endeavor.

There is no one so far removed from as a heretic.

The less open a heretic is, the more dangerous he would become.

Because loves knows no bounds, Eminence.

I advocate only that each individual must follow his heart.

The nature if our faith is that nothing can be added or taken away.

Our principles, as expounded by that Holy Father, are not impious and cannot be diluted.

Debate and discussion do nothing but foster and wise policies.

God is far wiser than any of is even begin to imagine.

Words can be a powerful effect.

The faithful would turn somewhere else for guidance.

We humans have a tendency to ignore that which we do not agree.

History teaches that there truly is an imperceptible line between good and evil.

Do not reject God’s name yourselves so that would be rejected. Accept my messages, so that you would be accepted.

The kind of thing a troubled child might say about an abusive parent.

By believing, having faith, loving or Lord, and doing as He asks.

God’s will is what drives is forward.

In fact, frank discussions was the entire purpose of the secret gathering.

May you reign be all that you deserve.

Love truly does conquer all.

A man possessed of no fear was dangerous thing.

Hard to argue with somebody who just save my life.

I have no responsibility for that which is unknown to me.

They want to know what you seemingly already know.

We must judge ourselves by the time in which we live.

Restrained love is not a pleasant matter.

I posses the courage to do what offer to be done because the Lord gives the strength.

For you, truth is the dreadful judge.

The devil himself will find it difficult dealing worth you.



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