Lost – Season 4 – Episode 7 – Ji Yeon

19 03 2008

I thought that both Jin and Sun have flashforward/s.

At first, that Jin and Sun both have flashforward/s, not until I visited Lostpedia, that this episode, that Jin has flashback, and Sun has flashforward.

As of this episode, I have this questions:

How did Jin died? Who is the Jin we see from the day Oceanic 815 crashed, up to this episode?

Where is Jin, when Sun is giving birth to Ji Yeon?

Is Aaron included/part in Oceanic 6? If not, who is the last one included/part of Oceanic 6?

Is Micheal a spy of Ben? Where is Walt?

Why does Regina commit suicide?

From whom the warning letter, given to Desmond and Sayid?

How does the members of Oceanic 6 left the island?



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