Lost – Season 4 – Episode 9 – The Shape of Things to Come

30 04 2008

I have the same questions with Lostpedia.

In the desert:
How does Ben end up in the desert?
Why is Ben carrying a club?
How did Ben get the cut on his arm?
Why is Ben wearing a parka?
What DHARMA logo is on the jacket?
Why is Ben unsure what year it is?

Why can’t Ben kill Widmore?
Why is Widmore sure Ben can’t find Penny?
What are the Rules that have changed?
Why does Widmore say it’s his island?
What is the relationship between Ben and Widmore?
Why did Widmore have Nadia killed?

On the Island
What did Ben do in his secret room?
Who or what has control over the Monster, if anything does?
What decides the overall size of the Monster?
How did Ray die?
Why does the message from the freighter say that the doctor is fine?
Who wrote the hieroglyphics on the wall in Ben’s hidden bunker, and what do they mean?
What value does Ben have that the freighter people won’t risk hurting him?
Why did Daniel lie about the message?
What is Bernard’s background?
What is wrong with Jack?
What does Jack talk to Bernard about after asking ‘Do you have a minute?’



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