Late nagising.

29 05 2008

Hindi ko alam kung bakit ako nagising ngayong umga, kahit na na-alarm ako sa cellphone ko. Hindi lang ngayon nangyari ito sa akin.

Nangyayari na sa akin dati/noon, ang paggising ng late, kahit namag-alarm ako sa cellphone ko, kahit na maaga ako matulog/natulog.

Hindi ko alam, kung bakit, nangyayari sa akin ito.

On Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight ulit.

28 05 2008

Tapos ko nang basahin yang libro na yan.

Hindi ko alam, kung hindi ko naintidihan, or hindi siya maintindihan.

Hindi ko alam kung bibilhin ko yung succeeding books, or hindi.

On Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight.

27 05 2008


Yehey. Matatapos na ako sa libro ito.

Hindi ko alam kung bibili ko yung succeeding books ng Twilight series.

One reason why I bought this book in Fully Booked in SM North Edsa The Block, is that Robert Pattinson, the guy who plays Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, also inclulded in the movie version of the said book.

On 300 (film)

26 05 2008

Maraming cut ang pelikulang ito sa HBO.

On American Idol 7 finale

22 05 2008

I watched the season finale of American Idol 7 earlier in Star World. Well, congratulations to the two Davids.

Based on the praises of the judges, David Archuleta has the chance to be the winner. Based on the talent, David Cook. The two Davids are my “manok”/bets.

During the Top 24, the two Davids are my “manoks”bets ko, since then. How about the female constestants, you ask. In this order, Brooke White, Carly Smithson, Amanda Overmyer are my bets.

How about Ramiele Malubay? You will ask, bakit hindi mo “manok”/bet si Ramiele Malubay? Ito lang sagot ko. Pahina ng pahina si Ramiele Malubay.

Again. Congratulations to the two Davids.

Lost – Season 4 – Episode 12 – There’s No Place Like Home Part 1

19 05 2008

(I have questions that shares with Lostpedia.)

OK sa alright itong episode na ito. More than two thumbs up. Cool. Nice A-S-S-tig. Galing.

For me, this episode must be the one to be submitted to the Emmy Awards people to be considered as Best Outstanding Drama Series.

There is no flashforward for the the character of Kate.

As of this episode, I have these question/s

Why does Daniel want to leave the Island with Charlotte?
What is the plan of Ben?
Why no one welcomed Sayid and Kate?
What happened to the policeman who married Kate?
How did the parents of Sun and Hurley and Jack’s mother that they are the one who going home?
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The Talecraft Horror Story-Creation Workshop

19 05 2008

Yesterday afternoon, umattend ako ng “The Talecraft Horror Story-Creation Workshop, sa Powerbooks in Megamall.

About the event: (Source: Talecraft Story-Creation Workshops at Powerbooks)

Be afraid. And be good at making others afraid. What do these Horror stories we love have that make them haunt us for so long? Find out at the Talecraft Horror Story-Creation Workshop. That’s on May 18, 2008 at 1:00pm. Speaker: Yvette Tan (Palanca Award-Winner)

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