Lost – Season 4 – Episode 10 – Something Nice Back Home (questions)

6 05 2008

(Blogger’s note: There are (some) questions I have, that are also the same questions as ones behind Lostpedia. I credit some questions from that web site.)

I have these questions.

At the Beach:

How and when does jack got sick?
What does the debate of Rose, Bernard, Sun, and Jin arguing with Daniel and Charlotte all about?
How and when does Charlotte learn to understand Korean?

In the Jungle:

How did Frank get on the Jungle of the Island?
Why does Keamy and company following him?
How does Christian Shephard appeared on the Island?
Hows does Claire disappeared?
How does Aaron got at the bottom of a tree?
Whose decision to leave Aaron behind?
Jack’s flashforward:

Why does the fire alarm beep?
Why does Christian Shephard before Jack?
What was Kate doing for Sawyer?
Why was she hiding it from Jack?

How did Keamy and his team survive the Smoke Monster attack?



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