Lost – Season 4 – Episode 10 – Something Nice Back Home

6 05 2008

There are two story lines in this episode.

The main plot is that Jack got sick, while the subplot is that Sawyer, Claire, Aaron and Miles are going to the beach camp. Flash-forward focuses on Jack’s relationship with Kate and Aaron, but focuses on with his relationship with Kate.

The main plot:

Jack got sick in “The Shape of Things to Come”. In “Something Nice Back Home”, Jack collapses after calming an argument between Bernard, Rose, Charlotte and Daniel. Juliet diagnoses Jack as having appendicitis with the possibility of his appendix rupturing. Juliet decides that she needs to perform an appendectomy and sends Sun to get medical supplies from the Staff DHARMA station. Sun, however, is unable to recognize the items on the list so Daniel, who claims to be familiar with medical instruments, and Charlotte volunteer to accompany her.

  • Juliet sends Jin with them with orders to shoot Dan or Charlotte if they try to run away. After arriving at the Staff, Dan and Charlotte acquire the required materials while Sun expresses apprehension about her baby’s future to Jin. Meanwhile, Jack convinces Juliet to allow him to remain awake during the surgery with Kate acting as a nurse. Jack has her hold a mirror, so he can see and help Juliet perform the surgery. Sun’s group returns to the beach and Juliet begins to operate on Jack. However, Jack’s being awake proves to be a detriment and Bernard knocks him out with chloroform that Dan and Charlotte found at the Staff. The surgery is a success and afterwards Juliet tells Kate that Jack really does love Kate and not Juliet. Jin also confronts Charlotte, who speaks Korean, and tells her that she must take Sun back to the freighter Kahana at all costs.

The subplot:

Sawyer, Claire, Aaron and Miles going are to the beach camp. Miles said that he likes kids, but Sawyer said to Miles to stay away from Claire and Aaron. And Sawyer gave Miles a “restraining order”, in order to protect both Claire and Aaron Later on, when they (Sawyer, Claire, Aaron and Miles) are going to the beach camp:

  • They reached the place the bodies of Danielle and Karl, Miles asked who are Danielle and Karl. Sawyer asks Mileshow he knew about the two but Miles gives no reply. Sawyer accuses Miles’ team of killing them, but he denies that he is on the same team with Keamy and his men. Miles seems upset to discover the bodies as he “didn’t sign up for this”. Claire just wants to leave and Sawyer escorts her away, promising that everything will be fine once they make it back to the beach.
  • Miles gave a particular look a Claire and Aaron.

  • Later, while walking through the jungle, Miles tries to persuade Claire to let him help out with Aaron, because he is “good with kids”. Sawyer begins to remind Miles of the restraining order command, when a sudden rustling comes from the brush. As Sawyer goes to investigate, Frank Lapidus runs out carrying his satellite phone and a first aid kit. He’s very startled and addresses Miles first, while Sawyer seems surprised that the men know each other. Frank, still in a hurry tells them there is no time because Keamy and his men are on the way and if he finds them there he will kill them all so they need to hide immediately. They hide in the nearby bushes and watch as Keamy and five of his men come through, one of them seriously injured. Lapidus looks at him and asks Keamy what happened. Keamy acts evasive and changes the topic to the location of the helicopter. Frank says it’s not far, when Aaron makes a little crying noise. Keamy seems to hear it, and suspiciously looks around. In an attempt to protect the people hiding, Frank urges Keamy and his men to get to the helicopter because it is starting to get dark and he will refuse to fly out on Faraday’s coordinates in the dark. After a heavy pause, Keamy agrees and they head off into the jungle.
  • Claire woke up, during her sleep and discoverers that Aaron was not with her, and she saw Christian Shephard, carrying Aaron. The next day Sawyer asked Miles where is Claire and why he didn’t follow her. Miles said he has “restraining order”. Sawyer went to the jungle with his gun, shouting Claire’s name, and he hears that Aaron is crying nearby, saw Aaron under the tree, and shout again for Claire’s name.

The flash-forward of Jack:

  • Jack is in bed when the phone rings. It is his receptionist, Jane, reminding him of an 11 a.m. consult with Ms. Berenberg which was moved up the previous day. She indicates that she called since she knows he’s not good with his calendar. He thanks her and gets out of bed, wrapping a towel around his waist. A pair of peach lace panties are lying on the floor beside the bed. Jack picks them up, smiles, and then tosses them into the clothes hamper. He proceeds downstairs to the kitchen where he steps on a Millennium Falcon toy. He reels back, curses, and puts it on the counter. He then places two partially full wine glasses in the sink, and begins making coffee. He then picks up the newspaper sports page on the counter which features a story about the Yankees sweeping the Red Sox, causing him to scoff: “A-Rod”.
  • Jack enters the bathroom; a woman is in the shower. Looking in the mirror, Jack’s appendectomy scar is faintly visible. He opens the shower door to greet her, and she tells him that she bought him a new razor. He replies, “Oh, you don’t like the scruff?” The shower turns off, and Kate steps out into the towel Jack is holding for her. She smiles brightly, Jack says, “Good morning,” and they kiss.
  • Later, Jack is reading Aaron a story from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as Kate looks on from the doorway. Jack realizes Aaron is asleep, so he turns out the light. In the hall Kate tells Jack that he’s “a natural.” Jack reminisces that his father used to read him that book. Kate says that it’s nice to hear Jack say good things about his dad. Jack tells her, somewhat wistfully, that his father was a good storyteller. Kate softly tells Jack that she loves seeing him with Aaron, and that she’s glad he changed his mind and glad he’s there with her. Jack replies, “Me, too,” picking her up. She wraps her legs around him as they kiss, and he carries her down the hall while she laughs.
  • At some time a day or so later, Jack is finishing the consult with Ms. Berenberg, giving her instructions for her surgery the following day, and they part in the hospital lobby. Jack suddenly does a double-take, seeing Christian Shepard (wearing the same blue suit Jack repeatedly saw him wearing on the island) walking through the lobby. Jack’s co-worker, Dr. Erika Stevenson, calls his name twice to get his attention, wanting his opinion on a spinal x-ray, an L-4. The receptionist then tells Jack that a Dr. Stillman from Santa Rosa Hospital is calling about “a friend of yours”.
  • Jack goes to the hospital to meet with Dr. Stillman, who says that the patient has been refusing his medication and has stopped sleeping. Jack asks about therapy, but Dr. Stillman says therapy is now out of the question because the patient believes Dr. Stillman isn’t real. Jack opens a door and enters a room in which Hurley sits on the bed. Hurley says he isn’t taking his medication because he believes that he and the rest of the Oceanic 6 are actually dead, having never escaped the island, and are now stuck in “heaven.” Hurley asks Jack about his day, and Jack describes his life with Kate and Aaron. Hurley points out that Jack didn’t want to be with Kate and Aaron before, to which Jack replies that he changed his mind after Kate’s trial. Hurley says that Jack’s happy life with Kate and Aaron is proof that they’re in heaven, as are his visits from Charlie, who regularly talks to him on a bench outside on the hospital lawn. He tells Jack that when Charlie visited him the day before, he had told him of Jack’s visit and also gave him a message for Jack, which he made Hurley write down so he would get it exactly. Hurley reads off a scrap of paper, “You’re not supposed to raise him, Jack”. Hurley asks if “him” means Aaron. Visibly disturbed, Jack says he doesn’t know and abruptly tells Hurley to just take his meds. Hurley then tells him that Charlie also said Jack will soon be getting a visitor of his own.
  • Later that night, Jack sits in his truck outside the Santa Rose Medical Center, looking at the bench Hurley described. Later that night Jack comes home to a sleeping Kate and wakes her up. She asks if he was working late, but he says he was out doing errands. Seemingly troubled, he asks her about the other night when she said he was “a natural” with Aaron. Jack asks her if she really thinks he is “good at this,” to which she assures him emphatically. After a long pause, Jack emotionally asks Kate to marry him. He pulls a box with a diamond ring from his pocket and places it on Kate’s finger. She tearfully replies, “Of course I will, yes!” and they embrace.
  • Jack is reviewing Ryan Laker’s x-ray, stating into a tape recorder that there is an osteoblastoma on the posterior area of the lumbar and he is recommending a biopsy. He is interrupted by the persistent beeping of a low-battery warning on a smoke detector. He goes to the reception area, climbs onto a chair, and pulls out the battery. After climbing down, Jack is startled to hear his name called out by his father. He turns to see Christian Shepard sitting in the lobby, again in the blue suit with white shoes he is seen wearing around the Island. As he is still trying to take it in, Dr. Stevenson approaches him from behind and calls his name. He turns to respond to her and when he turns back toward the chairs, his father has disappeared. Jack is distracted and Erika asks if he is okay. Jack asks Erika to write him a prescription for clonazepam, stating he has a lot going on right now, including a heavy caseload and his new engagement. She reminds him an engagement is supposed to reduce stress, not create more, and suggests he “talk to somebody”. He replies he’ll do that and takes the prescription. When Jack gets home, he hears Kate talking on the phone. She says that “Jack’s never home before eight” and “can stay for at least an hour”. She quickly gets off the phone when she realizes Jack is home. He asks her who was on the phone, and Kate tells him it was Noreen, another mom from the park. Jack says Kate has never mentioned her before. Kate waves this off and kisses Jack, then heads upstairs. Looking obviously stressed, Jack gets out his new prescription, and washes two pills down with a bottle of beer.
  • The next day, Kate comes home to find Jack drunk, sitting in the living room with empty bottles of wine and beer. He confronts her about where she was and why Veronica, the nanny, was still at the house later in the day, when Kate should have been home. Kate replies she was out running errands. He presses her, and she kneels by him, asking him to just trust her. Jack tells her about his visit with Hurley, saying that he went without her because Hurley might have upset her because he’s “crazy.” He then forcefully asks Kate again where she really was. Kate begs Jack to leave it alone, but Jack persists. She finally admits that she was doing something she promised Sawyer she would do. When Jack asks why she would keep this secret from him, Kate tearfully tells him that it’s because she knew he wouldn’t want her to help. Angry, Jack yells that that he is the one who’s there for her and who saved her, not Sawyer, who made his choice to “stay” while Jack came back. Kate becomes upset and says she can’t have Jack drunk and acting like this around her son. Jack yells at her that she isn’t even related to Aaron, just as Aaron toddles in.




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