Lost – Season 4 – Episode 11 – Cabin Fever

15 05 2008

It is another ok episode for Lost. Pero, on the positive/lighter side, two unexpected characters in this episode.

50/50 ang mga mga revelations. 50% more questions, 50% more revelations. So far, I have these questions:

On the Jacob’s cabin:

What do Christian Shephard and Claire doing in Jacob’s cabin?
What do Christian meant by “in behalf of Jacob/in Jacob’s behalf”?
Is Claire dead or alive?
What do mean by “to move island”?
What did John John Locke and Christian Shephard talk about, before John Locke leave/left the cabin of Jacob?

On the flashback of John:

What are the purpose/s of Richard Alpert and Matthew Abaddon for John Locke?

On the Kahana:

What kind of device in Keamy’s left arm?
Why is/are the plan/s of Frank?
Why did Frank threw the phone on the beach camp?



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