Lost – Season 4 – Episode 12 – There’s No Place Like Home Parts 2 & 3

5 06 2008

(I have questions that shares with Lostpedia.)

Bitin na naman.

OK sa alright itong episode na ito. More than two thumbs up. Cool. Nice. A-S-S-tig. Galing.

For me, this episode must be the one to be submitted to the Emmy Awards people to be considered as Best Outstanding Drama Series.

As of this episode, I have these question/s.:

On the Island:

Where and/or when did the Island go?
Why does Miles decide to stay on the Island?
What is Charlotte’s previous experience with the Island?
What is the nature of the frozen wheel?
Why does the Orchid tape begin to rewind itself?
Why can the person who “moves the Island” never return?
How is moving the Island potentially dangerous?

After the rescue:

What “bad things” happen after the Oceanic Six leave the Island?
Who must Desmond make sure does not find him?


How does John Locke die?
How does Locke get to the mainland?
Is Locke able to walk after leaving the Island?
Why does Locke use the alias Jeremy Bentham?
Why does Locke contact Walt, Hurley, Kate and Jack on the mainland?
Why must Locke’s body be returned to the Island?
If Locke is Bentham, who is his “son” referenced in the obituary Jack had?

The Oceanic Six
Where does Sayid take Hurley?
What is Sun’s agenda in regard to Widmore?
Do Frank, Desmond and/or Walt have to return to the Island as well?
Why do the Oceanic Six, as well as Locke, have to return to the Island?

People who weren’t rescued
What has happened to Faraday and the people on the raft?
What has happened to the people who managed to abandon the Kahana, if any, before it blew up?
What has happened to the survivors left on the Island


How does the presence/manifestation of Christian Shephard, appeared before Michael?
Does Jin and Michael able to survive the bombing of the Kahana?



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