nominees nominated

16 01 2009

I thought that the nominees for this year’s 81st Academy Awards are already announced, but on the contrary, it was not announced yet. But according to Wikipedia, the announcement of this year’s nominnees, will announced next week.

The Blog Readability Test

2 01 2009

blog readability test

I received a text spam.

28 12 2008

As the title suggest, I received a text spam yesterday morning, when my family and I were going to Muntinlupa to have a lunch with some relatives.

While in the road, I don’t remember where, I received this who text messaged by the same number, and I don’t know if the sender of the two text messages are the same person or not. I didn’t dare to text that/those person/s. I don’t know how that/those person/s learned about my number. My mom told (to) me, that don’t waste my time about these kind of messages, bevause they (the spammers) might learned that the number/s they text is correct. I received the messages at 11:09:17 and 11:12:51.

And here’s the number:

And here’s the original text message:

Pres-(GMA) Charity Foundation Congrat’s ur
sim.# is 2nd lucky
winner today.12/27/08
Had won 580,000.+
NOKIA N91 celfone DTI
Permit #2491 <4mor
info? Pls call me now!

And here’s text message not in sms format:

Pres-(GMA) Charity Foundation
Congratulation’s your sim # is 2nd lucky winner today, 12/27/08.
Had won 580,000. + NOKIA N91 celfone
DTI Permit #2491
For more information? Please call me now!
I’m Attorney Rey S. Duzon

Mega Man 4, Immaculate Conception, Twilight.

11 12 2008

Last December 3, 5, and 10, that’s Wednesday, Friday and Wednesday respectively, I played Mega Man 4 online.

Last Monday, December 8, I attended an evening mass, with my parents and my older brother, in a church in Mindanao Avenue in Quezon City, and ate dinner at Jollibee in the said/aforementioned area.

The next day, I watched Twilight on Cinema 4 of TriNoma.

About PEx.

10 12 2008

These is/are my personal opinion/s.

In my humble opinion, may “favoritism”, at may “racial discrimination”, dito sa PEx. Some of the people here are bias.

Some of the people here will think this question, “Meron bang favoritism dito sa PEx?”* or with this question, “Meron bang racial discrimination ba dito sa PEx?”** Some of the people will think this question, “Meron mga tao dito sa Pex na bias?”*** And also, some of the people will think other questions, or other related questions.

And then, some of the people, I ask simple questions, they don’t answer, my simple questions. And then, some of the mods (moderators), don’t merge the simple topics requested by me and other “PExers”*****. And some of the mods don’t do the simple requests requested by some of the “PExers”, including me. Some of the people here in “PExers” are people do have big heads.

I’m happy that some of the people here in “PExers” ****, answer my simple questions. Although I’m not sure about some of my thoughts, posts or my replies, I do share them, while of the “PExers”, don’t do hare their thoughts.

Please be informed that the English translations of the first 3 sentences are not accurate.
* There’s favoritism here in PEx?
** There’s racial discirmation here in PEx?
*** There are people in PEx who are bias?
**** PEx is the short name pf
***** PExer means, a person who participate in the forums of PExers is the plural form of PExer.

Free load from Globe, and job fair in Megamall.

5 12 2008

Last Friday, November 26, I attended a job fair in Megamall. After I attended the job fair, I received a text message, regarding the job fair. In my humble opinion, the sender sent the text message late, when I already attended the job fair.

Later this afternoon, I received a text message that I will receive a 10 Php load, if I reload at, least 100 Php from now, until November 11, Thursday. If I do that, I don’t know, what will be my mom’s reaction. The money I usually buy a load, comes from my mom.

jerk sibling

29 11 2008

Itong older brother ko, is a jerk.

Kapag may utos siya sa akin, at kapag hindi ko nagawa or hind ko ginawa, nagagalit sa akin. Pero hindi niya magawang mag-flush ng toilet kapag gumagamit siya ng toilet kapag umiihi. Naalala ko, nung hindi siya pumasok, gumamit ng tiolet para dumumi, “nakalimutan” daw niya mag-flush.